Giving Tuesday November 28th

After a week of being blessed by family, friends and good food, many of us are looking for meaningful ways to give back.  Habitat for Humanity in one of the organizations in your community that benefits multitudes of people with one gift.  It is like a domino effect.  When you give money, it is applied to building more affordable homes for those who may not be able to purchase a home the traditional way.

When a new Habitat homeowner begins the program, they work side by side with our volunteers to build their home.  They receive a financial education to prepare them for home ownership and usually decreased housing costs verses the rent payments they used to pay.  This new lifestyle enables them to provide a stable home location and schooling for any Habitat Partner children.  Many families that rent move every 2-4 years, uprooting their kids and their education.  Lower housing costs also gives them the opportunity for a better financial picture.

Whether the Habitat home is brand new or rehabilitated, the affect on the whole street in the neighborhood is evident.  There is no way to equate this macro-effect in dollars, only in smiles.