The average rent in Madison County, Indiana is 40-50% of a family's income.  Habitat's goal is to build a home that has a monthly mortgage payment around 30% of a family's income so that they can have a nice home and the funds needed to thrive in today's economy.

How Do I apply for a Home?

The first step is to complete a simple application.  See the attached Checklist and Application (English or Spanish version) for an PDF that you can print or come to the Habitat office to pick one up.

Application Checklist pdf

Homeowner Application English

Homeowner Application in Spanish 2016

Where do you build homes?

We have locations already available to build a new home or we can rehabilitate an existing house.  During the process of becoming a Habitat Partner Family, you would be presented with our available home locations.

What is expected of me?

Similar to traditional loan processes, you will be required to complete some paperwork and an interview with our Family Selection Committee.  But don't worry!  They are wonderful people.

Once selected, Habitat has a financial class for you to attend to help learn all the ins and outs of home ownership.  Also, each adult in the Partner family will complete 200 work hours on their own home (the class counts toward the hours) or help with one of our other building projects as Sweat Equity toward their home.