Home Ownership

Learn how to be a Habitat Partner Family and own your own home!  The average rent in Madison County, Indiana is 40-50% of a family's income.  Habitat's goal is to build a home that has a monthly mortgage payment around 30% of a family's income so that they can have a nice home and the funds needed to thrive in today's economy.

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Donating to Habitat enables us to provide the funds and education needed to help a family own their own home.  Dollar for dollar financial donations go the furthest, however, we also have a ReSale store where people can donate items they no longer need that can be sold to raise funds for Habitat or where people can purchase items for their own home.

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Volunteers are the foundation upon which each home is built.  You don't need experience in construction, just a heart to help in your toolbox.  Our volunteers help in a variety of ways: from bringing meals to building crews, serving on committees, praying for our Partner Families, staffing our ReSale Store, and working at the build sites.

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Building up a Community

Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with those who cannot afford to buy a home in a traditional way.  Home ownership provides consistency in living conditions, lower housing costs, and a greater sense of community than renting for families.


It's not just one home built for one family at a time, it is ONE community loving others and the result is a difference to each Habitat Partner family and those they touch.

Check out this video of our Women Build 2019.  Video taken by Dale Pickett of Air-Dale Drone Images